Rutland Local Plan

The final public consultation to take place around Rutland’s draft Local Plan is now live.  Link to Notice

Link to Rutland Plan on Rutland CC website 

Planning for Motor Cross on A1 to South of Stretton

Consultation on environmental permit application
Application ref: EPR/JB3007MC/A001
Operator name: Contour Golf Limited
Facility name & addr: A1 Motorcross Track

Link to application

If members of the public wish to make any comments on Planning Application 2020/0842/MAF,  please email the Clerk on by Friday 25th September.

If comments are received by that date, then an EO meeting will be held on Monday 5th October to discuss the application and put forward a response from the parish council.

Link to Rutland County Council Planning page

To view current planning applications please go to the Rutland County Council website and under ‘Parish’ use the drop down menu to find Stretton.

RCC Website Link

Notice from RCC

Loaded 3/3/20 – 2019/1422/FUL – Decision – S20.244

Loaded 18/2/20 – 2020/0142/FUL – Proposal

Loaded 18/2/20 – 2019/1372/PAD – Decision

Loaded 31/1/20 – 2019/0909/OUT – Decision

Loaded 17/1/2020 – 2019/1442/FUL

Loaded 6/1/20 Proposal 2019/1375/MAF

Loaded 6/1/20 – 2019/0863/FUL – Grant Planning Permission

Loaded 12/12/2019 – Planning Permission Ref 2019/1198/FUL


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